Knauer Preparative HPLC Isocratic and Compact System

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Isocratic and compact preparative HPLC system

Semi-preparative HPLC system for purification tasks at maximum flow rates of up to 50 ml/min.


The AZURA® Compact Prep. 50 system qualifies for fast and reliable isocratic semi-preparative chromatography. The system offers outstanding performance and ease of use thanks to its compact design and user-friendly MobileControl software. The system can easily be upgraded to a gradient system; in this case, the isocratic pump will be used as a sample pump, to fully automatize repetitive purification tasks.

Your products of interest are detected by UV and automatically collected via the fractionation valve. Pre-designed methods and cleaning steps are included in the software and can be easily adapted.

Key Features


• Outlet valve (16 ports) for fractionation
• Flow rate: 0.01–50 ml/min; 1-40 ml/min (recommended)
• Variable single wavelength UV detector (190–500 nm)
• Columns from all vendors can be used
• Fraction collector valve, 16 ports
• Intuitive ‘Mobile Control’ software
• System suitable for cold room use
• Maximum system pressure: 150 bar (15.0 MPa)

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