Knauer FPLC / BioLC for Protein Purification – Gradient up to 50ml/Min Automated 2 Step

Gradient capable FPLC system for complex applications including automated two step applications

for up to 50 mL/min

The AZURA Bio Lab System Advanced is a gradient system for complex purifications of bio molecules in a laboratory scale. It is designed and optimized for all FPLC applications like affinity, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and size exclusion chromatography. All system modules can be freely exchanged and further modules can be added optionally, to give you the best configuration for your purification task.

In TwoStep mode, a column selection valve will allow you to switch between a multitude of different columns, which in combination with an optional outlet valve allows even for automated two step purifications.


Key Features


• Flow rate: 0.001–50 ml/min; 0.1 – 40 ml/min (recommended)
• Maximum system pressure: 240 bar (24.0 MPa)
• Injection valve for sample injection via sample loop or sample pump
• Sample pump, 0.1 – 50 ml/min
• Variable multi-wavelength UV detector (190–700 nm)
• Conductivity monitor
• Fraction collector for fractionation
• Compatible with columns from all vendors
• Compatible with SEC, AC, IEX and HIC methods
• Intuitive PurityChrom® software
• System suitable for cold room usage

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